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Iphone nano is NOT announced July 10, 2007

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Iphone nano has NOT been announced officialy.  These kind of rumors suck. It’s just some people telling their opinions. Apple has not told that.

However, Iphone Nano is possible. It may be released soon. Not at the time of writing this post, though, so cool down. Etc.


How do you do? July 6, 2007

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Do you know that in the USA they only say “How do you do?” when introducing. Yes, you.

Ok cool, gotta make some posts for the international audience too…


Another followup on iphone July 2, 2007

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Here is another followup on iphone (I should have made an iphone blog, lol).

Five Reasons Not to Buy An Iphone ( R&R thinks that’s bullcrap)

iPhone stock report.

That’s it for today. Except one more thing.  Five reasons to buy an iphone:

  1. It’s cool.
  2. It looks cool.
  3. It makes you feel cool in the eyes of some other people (if you care).
  4. Its functions are cool.
  5. You wanna test it after all, don’t you?

Ok, we’re rapping this up already.


Iphone and N95 comparison

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Wow, look at the difference in the photo quality. The photos just can’t be that different. The iphone’s photo quality sucks, it seems. There must be something wrong with that. Tried importing into iPhoto?

Here is the COMPARISON.


1ph0ne finally live June 29, 2007

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After my last iphone post I decided to still go on with this one. So, iphone is launched.

And you can see the lines. Pretty interesting, huh?

So, what’s Apple going to do now…


Why Ubuntu… NOT! June 26, 2007

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This day I was reading the four reasons to avoid Ubuntu entry and I thought the reasons were not good enough so I would come up with my 4.

4. It doesn’t support most of the good software. Let’s face it. GIMP is nowhere near as easy or as good as Photoshop (its only advantage is that it’s free). Open Office just is bad and noone uses it anyway. I’m not talking about itunes.

3. The graphical interface sucks. I mean, the default one. I know, it just takes up one CD, but come on. I booted my life CD and all I could say was “What the hell is that?”. Nowhere near the “Wow” effect of Macs. Or Vista.

2. No devices ever work on it. You have to work your ass off and waste like 4 hours to make the damn printer… PRINT! And only if you’re lucky. I’m not talking about all the MP3 players, cameras, whatever.

1. This was a tough one. I mean, there are so many annoying things about it and I didn’t even know what was the worst one. I haven’t seen this on any other lists so I’ll use this. It’s too techy! Do I really have to go through this whole tar -xzvf (-xzvf, what the hell does that mean? Couldn’t they make it just tar because EVERYONE uses -xzvf), then compile make make install what the hell. Some software can be installed earlier, but still. I can’t even browse files normally as this kick-ass file manager is too complicated.

I can do most of this stuff, however, I have had some experience with Linux. Think about the beginners. Still wondering why noone uses Ubuntu?

Well, MS ain’t perfect either, tho…