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Quotes from the Pleasantvile movie August 26, 2007

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Bill Johnson: …Don’t you think?
David: I think you should try not to think about that anymore.


This makes no sense, by the way.


The Simpsons movie July 23, 2007

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The Simpsons movie is coming out pretty soon. But what about simpsonizing stuff? Simpsonize, what does that mean? That means “To turn into a Simpson”. Lol.

As for the movie, I think it’s gonna suck. Almost like Mr. Been’s Holidays. It’s just bad and they just make it to make money. You’ll see.


Giant Ranch July 16, 2007

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In the movie Giant, the ranch is named Riata (in Spanish it means lariat). Thought you might find that interesting.
And if you’re looking for a giant ranch to live in, why don’t you go to Japan. Just kidding.


Download Yi-Yi: a movie of Yang July 8, 2007

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Since reading this post I’m so into getting this movie. I guess Yi-Yi should be good. I wonder if there are any download-sites for the movie..


Chasing liberty July 7, 2007

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Chasin liberty. Hey, they’re making those movies every day. I feel like addin’ this to the list.

And also the title reminds me of ‘The pursuit of Happyness’. If you haven’t seen it, do so.


The Big Green July 1, 2007

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The Big Green is not only a reference to Earth. It’s a movie created in the ninetees. Why am I telling you that? It’s hot. Currently.

Have I seen it? No. Am I going to see it? No. Will i see it? Possibly. I just spoted it and it caught my interest. Does anyone have any opinions on it?

I have seen a few positive comments. But I’m not yet sure.  Ok, anyway, if I see it, I’m gonna post how it is here. Maybe.