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070707 argh shall I miss it? July 7, 2007

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Today is the 7th of July, 2007. A lot of people have stuff planned for this day. And me? Nada. Nothing… Just a small trip. I am not superstitious or anything but we are missing a date (and maybe an actual date).

So, what’s going on? I dunno, maybe we’ll come up with something eventually,but I want it to be big. No good so far. Any ideas? Argh…


The 4th of July Myspace comments July 3, 2007

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Hi. Wanna make some comments on myspace? I don’t.  Well, ok, lemme make some hints (they’re not mine, I’m not responsible for the content/actions,whatever – in other word, you have all the responsibility and I have none).

  • Do they have this day in Mexico too?
  • What’s this? An immigrant?
  • Go back to Canada!
  • Unhappy 4th of July!
  • Happy 4th of July! People say that all the time. Since Franklin.

Father’s day is getting lame June 17, 2007

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Father’s day is getting extremely lame. Look at Google:

 free fathers day ecards

Could you believe that’s number 2 term today in Google? E-cards? What the hell? Who the hell wants to be given e-cards?

– Look, dad, I’ve got you an e-card for Father’s day.

How lame is that?

And Round and Round has problems with the idea of this whole holiday. It’s probably nice to show people who deserve it some respect but why the hell does one need a special day for that? That’s almost as bad as ones birthday (you have to do it even though it sucks). Oh wow.

It’s good for the marketers though.

Ok, anyway, stuff is still good. As long as you keep it real. 🙂