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Who is the American Hero? July 5, 2007

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Who is the American Hero?

Wondering about that. Well, here are a few features an American hero must have.

  • Americans should be able to spell his name (Schwarzne..whatever is out)..
  • He should not brings presents to children (sorry, Santa).
  • He should not have invaded any foreign country (touches noone, I guess).
  • He should be long on the spotlight (not this time, Invisible Man).
  • His name cannot be Dick and he cannot be in the American government (guess who’s that).
  • He must not *initimately* know people who have names that start with M (take another guess).
  • He must not mess around with queer people (I guess you’re out on this one,  Batman).

So, based on these, the American Hero is Superman. Way to go, Superman.