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070707 argh shall I miss it? July 7, 2007

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Today is the 7th of July, 2007. A lot of people have stuff planned for this day. And me? Nada. Nothing… Just a small trip. I am not superstitious or anything but we are missing a date (and maybe an actual date).

So, what’s going on? I dunno, maybe we’ll come up with something eventually,but I want it to be big. No good so far. Any ideas? Argh…


Flip and grow rich June 17, 2007

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Round and round is bringing you Round and Round’s take on the Montelongo’s Flip and grow rich advice.
So, what is it, basically? Armando Montelongo claims to be a kick-ass enterpreneur who has all the secrets how to be rich and wealthy and so on and so forth. So did Napoleon Hill (Think and grow rich).

Round and round will rather tell you how to do it one by one from his site. Let’s go:
– How to create your own flipping machine
Work, work, work.
Don’t waste time reading this. Nor anything.

– How to flip in any market – hot, cold or flat.
Did I mention work?

– How to find, fund, fix and flip properties from the comfort of your own home.
The Internet.
Search for real estate sites. Search for estate sites. Search for trading sites. Google helps. So easy.

– How to flip properties across the nation using only your computer
The Internet, alright?

– How to find more deals and money than you will ever need
That’s a bit impossible. In most cases. But just try working and that might get you closer to the goal than you’re without work anyway.

Also, he tells some stuff about his failures and how he kept failing untill he got on TV. That’s good, but that’s very basic stuff.
By chance he seems to have had some really advertising-convenient inconveniences like huge debt, no money, etc.

It seems you have to be in debt to be making money (so the experience of all the grow-rich authors says). Oh, whatever.