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Some scavenger hunt November 21, 2007

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I was at this party with a couple of my friends night and we got bored so my mate goes.

– J’en ai marre.

My other copin is like “wtf'” whilet I go “va te faire…” while another guy kicks in, we chit-chat and he talks about how he played scavenger hunt party game in some party the other week and told me how cool it was. So I thought I would Google for scavenger hunt ideas and eventually I liked the advice so I bought the scavenger hunt ideas book they would recommend (it’s not up there yet as lf the time of writing this so I got back to the author to ask for it).

Very cool, it’s not like we are going to have boring parties anymore. Well, at least for a few more parties in the future anyway.


Monopoly tips August 9, 2007

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Have you wanted some Monopoly tips? Here are a few, and if you’re interested, we could have more.

Properties in Monopoly

By everything except the light blue ones and the orange ones. They suck. You can only buy them if a) another player has two of the properties and this one prevents him from having a monopoly b) you have loads of free cash.

The 3-house rule

For everything except brown and navy blue properties, build just up to three houses. There is no point in having more yet. If it’s navy blue or brown, build a hotel. Don’t build it on the navy blue one first. This tip is a big one.

The jail rule

This one is pretty obvious – if it’s late in the game, do not get out of jail. If it’s not – get out as soon as possible.

These monopoly tips should do for now. Wanna get more? Well… Oh. Maybe.