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Orology July 23, 2007

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Orology is a science about mountains. A mountain in Ancient Greek means oros (it’s all Greek to you anyway).

So, if you’re into Orology, you see a mountain and you go like “look a mountain – a big curved mountain with a Z form elipsis on the bottom”. Ok, that makes no sense. Anyway, orology is getting a bit popular so I thought I would blog about it.


Are you Spartacus?

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I am Spartacus. So said Sparcatus. In the movie. The speach goes like

“I am Spartacus” <…> etc, etc.

So, now MTV has caught on this I am Spartacus scene, this scene is historically inaccurate in the movie coz Spartacus shouldhave been dead already when he made the speech. That’s a blunder in that movie. But almost noone noticed. So, anyway, remember that Wannabemade stuff? MTV has another one. “Are you Spartacus”? No! Yes!?

It shouldn’t be anything special either…


Basso Ezio July 16, 2007

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Basso Ezio is an Italian author who writes books (or is he?).

If he is, he writes books with very  long titles. You can even get  bored reading the title, and I’m not even talking about the book. That is, if Basso Ezio is who he is supposed to be.

Or is Basso Ezio anyone else? I guess not. But let me know.

By the way, “of a barefoot hedgehog”. Translate this. You may understand it but chances are you won’t.


A map to online commyounities July 14, 2007

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I mispelled communities on purpose. And I do not always post links to other sites. However, here is a map to online commyounities. You don’t have to feel so lost anymore.


Wikipedia style July 6, 2007

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Wikipedia is all like:
The sky is blue [citation needed].


Microsoft Surface Blog July 4, 2007

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Wanna hear of Microsoft Surface?

Check out the Microsoft Surface blog. It doesn’t have much info yet but it’s maybe goin’ to.