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The Best Kind of a Lithuanian Bilingual Book December 25, 2013

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If you’re learning Lithuanian, you will love this Interlinear bilingual Lithuanian book by Jonas Biliunas. It is a translation into English that has the Lithuanian text above and the English text below each line. Definitely looks very interesting, and definitely can help you improve your Lithuanian. After all, reading is the best way to learn languages, and it is especially fun if done in this innovative way from

P.S. They also have a Swedish bilingual Interlinear book if you’re learning Swedish instead.


Learn languages website April 10, 2009

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Hello, if you are interested in learning languagse, I suggest you visit I Kinda Like Languages. It has quite some resources based on the topic, then some tips, courses, blog and a few twists to the site that make it more interesting.

All in all, I kinda like languages is for those that kinda like languages.


Ferret Facts January 6, 2008

Let’s have a couple of ferret facts, or, if you want to be more specific, ferret care facts for those of you who are interested in how to care for ferrets or its variation how to care for a ferret.First of all, do you know how to build a ferret cage, I mean, how to make a ferret cage? You have to use wood for that. Lotsa wood. Don’t use glue because it won’t stick. You have to add the wood togather somehow. Well, anyway, it’s hard. Better buy one…Once we have gotten that outta the way, let’s move on. We have to find out how to get fleas off of ferrets. My best suggestion for getting fleas off of ferrets would be this… USE SHAMPOO!  Of course, not any shampoo, lol. Use ferret shampoo that you can get in stores.Finally, let’s settle on something. This is a big one…  How to make a ferret hamock… sorry, how to make a ferret hammock. Ideally, you have to use a rope and some matter. But, as a matter of fact, it should not be a matter of fact. It should be a matter of matter. You use something to stick it with the rope and voila. No, I’m kidding. A tutorial could be released (especially if somebody is interested – write in comments). Actually, for now you should settle on a ferret hammock you bought.So,  we have ferret care, ferret cage, ferret fleas and ferret hammock. When will you stop caring about ferrets? To find out how much you know about ferrets anyway, check out this ferret quiz


Origami November 9, 2007

Origami is a Japanese art of folding of paper if you haven’t known that.

Now that you do, if you want to learn origami, go to this Origami videos instructions site.

Then you can fold origami and you must be thankful to me.


Faberge Eggs August 26, 2007

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Today we are talking about something Educational and that educational thing is the Faberge Eggs. What’s that, you may ask?

First of all, The Faberge egg is named after Peter Carl Faberge – a jeweler who worked for the Tsars of Russia between 1885 and 1917.

Russian Tsars did not care about the ordinary Easter eggs and ordered Peter Carl Faberge to create some Jeweled Easter eggs for Alexander III and his son Nicholas II.

Needless to say, these eggs looked cool to those Russians. Needed to say, Faberge created 69 eggs. The Tsar liked these eggs and he used to give them every year as a gift to his wife.

Why is it so cool? Well, The killer-idea about the Faberge eggs is that there was a gift inside of every of those eggs. An unknown one. Kinder Surprise now uses the idea, err…


Time travel is possible August 16, 2007

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In fact, you’re travelling it right now!


English bulldogge July 27, 2007

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English bulldogge, as appose to English bull, is a dog. It He has 4 strong legs and a face which is not so attractive, I think. What else do you wanna know about the English bulldogge?

P.S. The word bulldogge is spelled in an extremely strange way.