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4 reasons why I hate Jon Warras July 16, 2007

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I don’t often write about other people but whatever, I’m gonna make an exception this time. If you think there is something wrong with this post and you have some good reasons, hit me up in the comments and I’d remove it. Anyway, I do read the blog of Jon Waraas. I decided to come up with 4 reasons although last is not the best one:

  • He doesn’t show the appreciation to his readers. In his blog, he writes:
    • I do work a lot on my “seo sites” and I also do have another form of revenue that kicks the shit out of both combined, but I wont tell you, because that would mean more competition hehe. Maybe Ill make an ebook and sell it to you all. hehe im evil. (source: his blog post).

    And all this after he posted this on his blog. Huh? And he’s even targeting the “make money online” keywords. If you don’t want to tell something, just don’t friggin’ mention it.

  • He does overstatements. In his blog, he posted something like “i’m in this seo contest and I’m gonna win it, haha” (I’m rephrasing, but – proof) but he didn’t. Also, in his contest blog, he said Eli would win it but he didn’t. Also, he said Eli would get into the top 3 in like 3 days guaranteed, but Eli didn’t do that at all. He didn’t even finish on the first page in the SERPS. I don’t care what the reasons are. Makes me doubt his credibility ( I know you can’t take all that stuff seriously but that might seem too much ).
  • He deceives people that make comments on his blog. Or acts unethical on them. Or something. See, when I made a comment, I got an e-mail from him Dude! Thanks For The Comment!
    • Hey, you recently posted a comment on JonWaraas.Com. I would like to personally thank you for posting your comment and supporting the community.

      Thanks for posting a comment on this blog post ([post URL]). I hope that you will consider subscribing to my feed so that you don’t miss any new wicked sweet blog posts.

      Welp, I hope you enjoyed my blog. So add my RSS feed and stop back by soon 🙂

    That would seem nice, right? He cared to thank me personally. Except that when I tested and made a comment with another e-mail, I got the very same message to that e-mail too. Word to word. Huh? Doesn’t this guy understand what personally  means? On a different note, it’s nice to thank people for comments. If really personally. And if not, at least don’t let them find out.

  • He launched a blackhat SEO service which is of questionable nature (wow).

Psst… This is a link-bait (just don’t tell anyone). I don’t hate Jon. In fact, he probably is a great guy. Seriously. And it’s still cool that he doesn’t seem to care too much what other people think about his evil plans (you might find some irony in that statement, but I really mean it). So, will this link-bait work anyway? 🙂


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