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Kyphon July 27, 2007

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Kyphon is a company that can be bought for nearly $4 billion dollars and they just make a items used in back surgery. Ok.


Aquafina is water

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Agencyspy has it. Aquafina is water and they are letting consumers know what it really is. Check it out there.


English bulldogge

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English bulldogge, as appose to English bull, is a dog. It He has 4 strong legs and a face which is not so attractive, I think. What else do you wanna know about the English bulldogge?

P.S. The word bulldogge is spelled in an extremely strange way.


New Star Trek Movie

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Robbie Williams is in talks to start a new star strek movie. Who cares?


Keith and the Girl and the Simpsonsmovie July 26, 2007

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Funny, they lost the domain to 20 century fox. What’s funny, is that I had been thinking of registering that domain too but it was taken.

I also know Keith and the Girl (the podcast), so it was a bit unusual to see this kind of thing hit the news. They’ll probably be getting a lot of exposure so even though they lost the domain, they should win big time over traffic and new subscribers. They are one of the top-listened podcasts already so maybe they are really doing something right.

And yeah, KATH is a podcast where they just talk about crap, etc. Podcast is an mp3 file filled with not music but speech. Ok, done.


Weigh down

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Heard of the weigh down diet? It says – if you eat you’re evil so you shouldn’t eat.

Keeping simple things simple, I guess. Yeah, that’s weigh diet.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in diets, there is also another course you may try – click here.


Orology July 23, 2007

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Orology is a science about mountains. A mountain in Ancient Greek means oros (it’s all Greek to you anyway).

So, if you’re into Orology, you see a mountain and you go like “look a mountain – a big curved mountain with a Z form elipsis on the bottom”. Ok, that makes no sense. Anyway, orology is getting a bit popular so I thought I would blog about it.