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The downside of buying an Apple Iphone June 25, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — eo @ 11:21 pm

Everyone is probably looking forward to the 29th of June when the new shinny Apple Iphone is released. However, Scholarsandrogues has it, the new Iphone will be stuck with AT&T which have some privacy problems and it is gonna cost nearly $200 if you don’t wanna use AT&T before your contract is over (and your contract is for 2 years). And in fact it’s not only about that specific company, it’s about being forced to have a contract with someone at all.

So, even though iphones seem great, maybe you are gonna have to look for alternatives? Openmoko, for example. Or just stick to your old phones. Or no phone. Phones are probably bad for your health, after all…


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