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Gods of the dead June 24, 2007

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I can’t possibly understand why people are searching for this. I just notice people searching for things like “Egyptian God of the dead” or “Babylonian God of the dead” (can’t remember if the second is Babylonian, though, maybe Summer or something. But still. And why not “God of the death” or “God of death”, by the way?

In any case, here I have made s short lists of Gods of the dead in different religions. I have done a small research and it turns out that where are some additional Gods and most religions don’t only have one. However, certain are more important ones. Ok, the list. The…

  • Egyptian God of the dead is Anubis. (Represented by a seated black dog or a dog.
  • Akkadian God of the dead is Nergal.
  • Sumerian and Akkadian Goddess of the dead and death is Ereshkigal.
  • Buddhist and Hindu (Indian) God of the dead is Yama.
  • Greek God of the dead is Thanatos.
  • Roman God of the dead is Mors.

The list could be longer, though. Hope I haven’t made any mistakes. Some are difficult to determine. I used Wikipedia and the search of Google mainly.


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