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Hagfish June 20, 2007

Filed under: Educational — eo @ 10:01 pm

So, after my last scientific post I thought I had to switch to another field of studies for today. Let’s choose biology. It should be also interesting because the fear-factor showed it.

So, a hagfish is an ugly-ass fish that is just by a classification a fish because it’s not even a fish because they say it has some problems with its spine (it probably needs an operation). You can basically find out how it looks like and an image in this article you know where. Now, it has some special abilities (like the X-men) and it can kinda get big ‘n stuff. You can see a probably-dead hagfish being operatead on the video on this blog.

Okay, I guess that’s about all you want to know about the hagfish. You can’t say my blog is not educational, can you.


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