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Finding out how the solar panels work June 19, 2007

Filed under: Educational — eo @ 11:31 pm

So, today I was browsing the web and out of a sudden… Cutting to the chase, I now know how the solar panels work.

First things first, a solar panel is a thing that collects solar radiation. Not only that, it makes electricity out of that radiation.

So, how does it happen? Parts of sunlight – photons – travel. Let’s call a photon Zack. They travel travel travel and bump they hit the surface of the solar panel. Let’s call an electron on the surface of a solar panel Jury (that is not a strange name for an electron!). And let’s call an electric field on the solar panel – the witch Nandy. So, Zack is travelling at light speed and bump he hits Jury (Zack can do nothing about it). The light speed is pretty fast, so, Jury, being very light, and being hit, just flies back from the inertion. Because Jury flies back, his elipse which he uses to spin around his nuclear, is ruined. This whole process makes an electric field. In other words, knocking out Jury makes the witch Nandy angry for Jury. So, when the evil witch Nandy, which is in love with Jury, notices him being hit and flying back, the witch grabs her magic stick, sits on it and grabs Jury, flying to the South.Now, as tere are trillions of Zacks and bazillions of Jurys, they all are carried by the even witch named Nandy and as they all are caried in the same direction, that creates an electric current in th emetal. That’s how electricity is born. (There is more to it, but, whatever).

Okay, I know that was the lamest best story ever. R&R is trying to learn some Physics, though. Physics rules… Right, it would have probably been easier to comprehend if the story would have been explained normally. But then Nandy could have gotten angry…


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