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“Pacman” Jones is in trouble? Not again! June 18, 2007

Filed under: Crimes — eo @ 6:54 pm

Round and round likes playing Pacman. Well, for the first five minutes. Round and Round doesn’t really like playing Pacman Jones. Mainly because there is no such game. But if there was one, Round and Round wouldn’t play it anyway. Too much trouble.

Some news agency with a strange name is telling the story. The problem is, he has had “ten encounters with police and five arrests”. Wait, he is playing in the NHL. Maybe people who are SOOL could do this gangsta’ job. But who needs to do the gangsta job when you’re making a few bloody million dollars a year. Blows me.

In fact, that reminds of the Kobe Bryant arrest story. Kobe Bryant got arrested for rape but he got away with that (well, the court said he is innoncent, so R&R wouldn’t jump the gun here). And that’s so similar. Who the hell needs to rape when you’re.. Oh, wait…

Oh, by the way, Pacman Jones vs Indiana Jones. So, it becomes Pacman vs Indiana. How cool is that? Round and Round guesses Pacman would eat and digest his rival, though.


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