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My take on the Phoenix Feeley case June 18, 2007

Filed under: Crimes — eo @ 1:31 pm

Let’s see. Phoenix Feeley (Jim Coccaro) was arrested for being topless in public places. However, she has sued the police and won $29,000. That’s what’s on the news.

What does R&R think about it? It’s absolutely fair. Well, it was unfair to arrest her. She might not be acting very reasonably but what the hell. From the declaration of independece: Every man has a right to life, liberty… Stop. Liberty. Here you go.

She’s been running topless. What the hell is your problem?

More than that, R&R thinks people should be allowed to run however they want. Let it be, nude. That’s lame to be arresting people for such stupid reasons and the police has proven it. Can’t see where these crimes with no victim lead…


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